EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Eye Witness Confirms Seun Egbegbe’s iPhone’s Theft


Seun Egbegbe  released a press statement after his alleged robbery, saying he was being blackmailed by “Awon aye”, a report which was obviously different from the serious beating he supposedly received in the hands of computer village boys.

An interview conducted at the computer village revealed that indeed the event that took place yesterday involving Seun Agbegbe is indeed true. Speaking to eyewitnesses some of them expressed their anger at the fact that they were not allowed to beat him enough to their satisfaction, considering this isn’t the first time he’s coming to steal from them.

According to these witnesses, this is not the first time Seun Egbegbe is doing this, actually, this is the 6th episode and others have gone smooth until now. He reportedly went into the shop to purchase nine iPhones, (2 iPhone 7 and 7 iPhone 6 with prices ranging from 275-280 Thousand naira).

They said that After picking up the phones, he told the sales person to follow him to his car, where he’s supposed to get the money for the phones and pay up.  On getting to his car, he rolled up his car window and drove off! We were informed that the guy who tried to stop car is presently in the hospital as he was injured by Seun Egbegbe when he was trying to drive off. The people around raised alarm and his car was pursued immediately by a bike, and obviously we know the rest of the story of how he was beaten up.

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Information gotten from other witnesses revealed that Seun was taken to Area F police station, Ikeja after the incident. Although we were informed that Seun himself called policemen, who the witness believed was also informed about the robbery. They said the policemen came there asking to take Seun to the station, but he (the witness) refused, because he said that is the pattern that is ever applied to cases like these, and next thing you’ll see Seun Egbegbe roaming the streets of Lagos claiming “Big boy” with no sting to his name or no charges against him. So for that reason, he insisted that the case be handled by Area F police command, where they’re sure justice will be served.

Reporters at the scene of the incident who made efforts to speak to the police force proved abortive as the DPO in charge of the station refused granting a statement at that moment, although on entering the station, a police officer said “Abeg make una leave that guy na, una wan finish am? Make una no spoil him career for am o”.

This statement got us asking what the real duty of the police force is. How does the police force show mercy to the people they’re supposed to protect the society from?

According to a respondent, Seun Egbegbe is a thug that has influence and knows some dangerous people who he can send to attack them, so it’s safe for them to go on with their businesses than make a case and get burnt at the end of the day.

The owner of the shop even said he cannot speak to anyone about the issue because he doesn’t want trouble. According to him, the police should deal with the matter, and if the press wants to get involved, they should deal with it on their own without involving him, as he wants to continue with his business in peace.

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Now looking at how serious this issue is, we are wondering at how Seun was able to craft the press statement he released in the early hours of November 23rd , saying he was being blackmailed, and who exactly are these blackmailers that have cloned Seun?

But where is Seun presently?

According to report, Seun is still in police custody… So who’s chilling in Seun Egbegbe’s house?

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