How To Flirt With A Woman You Just Met

This is what to do if you meet a cute girl at a party and want to show her you’re interested—without being too aggressive or sexual.

  1. You’re in good company—flirting is a learned skill for most people, but it all starts with humor. If you can make her laugh without coming off as a clown, you’re on the right track to driving her wild in the best of ways.  Yes, most women do respond to humor. But what they really respond to first is looks. If you’re gorgeous, you can walk up to them and say pretty much anything short of “Drink this” and they’ll swoon. And If you’re not, you’ll need to use your personality, and that’s where humor can be effective—unless she’s a comedian. As someone who tells jokes for a living. If she’s not a comic, humor’s a safe bet. Maybe tell her she looks like someone you know—sorry, someone you’d like to know. Get it? That’s cute.
  2. Or guess she’s under 21 and ask to see her ID. Women love hearing they look young; plus, that way you can see if she’s an organ donor, and if she is, ask her if she really trusts that if she’s on the operating table someday, a shady surgeon won’t pull the plug just to harvest her organs. It’s an edgy move, but it’ll get the conversation going.


  3. Another way to get in her good graces: If it’s an event with a cash bar, see what she’s drinking and send her one. (Just make sure she knows you had no contact with it prior to sending it over or things could sour faster than you can say “Cosby sweater.”) Sure, the drink thing is cheesy, but so is courtship. If she accepts it, wait for a sign, like a little smile or a wave, then strike up a conversation and feel it out from there.


Hope, these tips are helpful to you, though some will say “Omo na naija we dey o,all this no dey work for naija girls”, but hold up yeah, you never can tell; it might surely work for the few percentage of beautifully mannered ladies out there you never know. There’s no harm in trying, you never can tell she might eventually fall for you.

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