It’s Weekend!! See The 8 Things You Should Do This Weekend


So the weekend is here again and you’re naturally excited about it, even though you don’t necessarily have anything planned out. It’s going to be a very chilled one and you’re a little lost on what you might do to make it slightly less boring instead of lazying the two days away.

Here’s a few things you could try to get yourself ready for the coming week.

1) Exercise

Walk, run, jog, do simple stretches in your living room, anything. Your body will certainly thank you for this, and you’ll probably be making it a routine – if your lazy bum ever gets tired of nagging about the minor sores you will feel afterwards.

2) Try some DIY

There are loads of fun DIYs out there that you’ll be glad you did, from home supplies to gadget-friendly tools like phone cases. Can’t think of any that you really need? Surf the net, there’s lots of suggestions out there.

3) Cleaning

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I bet you’ve postponed that house cleaning you’ve been wanting to do one too many times. Take this weekend as the perfect time to get your space back in order.

4) Research

Do some research. OMG. Read and feed your mind with some new information that might prove useful to you at work or school. Remember, no knowledge is ever wasted.

5) Have a few hours nap

After that really long week, your body will probably be begging for a few hours rest in between working and always being on the road. Go ahead and indulge it. Remember not to overdo it though, as sleeping too much sometimes leaves the body feeling little too lazy and unwilling to do much.

6) Watch a movie

Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh, and what better way to get that than seeing your favourite actors deliver an interesting movie script perfectly?

7) Learn how to cook a new dish

That amazing dish you recently watched on TV ad have been planning on trying your hand at? It’s time to get the recipe out and try preparing it. You’ll be sure glad you did.

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8) Dance to your favourite song

Let your hair down, play your favourite song and let yourself have fun for a few hours. Not only will you have fun, but your body will feel a lot better from all the week’s hard work.

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