Lil Wayne Doesn’t Know What Black Lives Matter Means, Says “My Life Matters”

Weezy F baby and the F is for “I dont give a fuccccck!” When you’re a very famous black person and you get asked about Black Lives Matter and act as if you have never even heard the term and then proceed to say “MY life matters…especially to my bitches,” that is unexplored levels of DGAF. Wayne is practically offended that this movement even exists. I mean at this point Weezy is basically a white person. He’s addicted to codeine and narcotics, he likes skateboarding, pretends to play guitar, and hates the Black Lives Matter Movement. Thats a fucking WHITE person. Take out the grills and you got yourself some Wonder Bread shit.

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I was waiting for him to use the “A BLACK man is President!” argument. Weezy probably was another minute away from whipping out statistics about how white people get killed by police too. Wayne mumbling “You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a police officer.” All I know is Lil Wayne has some explaining to do at the next Meeting.

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