Marry Her Now If She Does These 9 Things, Don’t JOKE With #No 1

1) SHE WHOLE HEARTEDLY LOVES YOU: When you find someone who loves you with all of who she is, and loves all of your flaws and scars, don’t let her go. To find someone who loves you even when you are at your worst, is rare and incredibly beautiful.

2) SHE’S NOT DEFINED BY A RELATIONSHIP OR A MAN: Find someone who doesn’t let a relationship define her. She knows how to be whole by herself and knows full well that she doesn’t need you. But, just because she doesn’t need you, won’t mean she doesn’t 100% want you in her life.

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3) SHE’S STRONG: When a woman knows how to stand her ground and knows what she deserves, that is a quality you shouldn’t ignore. Every man needs a woman who holds her head high, and can take the world by storm on her own.


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