VIDEO: Oh Why On Earth?! Young Boy Beaten & Burnt To Death In Lagos For Stealing… Too Graphic!

Another case of  ‘Jungle Justice‘ in Nigeria,I thought Nigerian were past this.

This video shows the barbaric attitude that is left in our In-human Soul as Nigerians. The video shows a very young boy being mobbed, beaten and eventually burned for stealing while Some fathers and mothers watched in pleasure.

This is pure EVIL!!. This same mob that cannot go out and protest against Fat bellied politicians stealing billions of dollars that will render their next three generations hungry and also uncivilised like them unleashed their terror on a boy that allegedly stole a phone, A f@#king PHONE!!

Bunch of brainless adults gaining pleasure from Barbarity. Their simple sense did not remind them of Mother Nigeria basking in the glory of a recession created by a free walking THIEF, his wife and political  aides Animals.  Oh GOD!! 

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It was also mentioned that he wanted to kill the owner of the phone before he was apprehended, beaten and burnt to death. This happened at Alafia along Badagry-Expressway of Lagos last Saturday. Nothing warrants such barbaric act. Nothing! I wonder how they even sleep at night.

Watch video below:



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  • No matter what the boy did Lagos city should stop taking law into their hand is very unfair