Video: Man Flogging His Wife Severely

Abuse in marriages is a disease that needs to be cured in the society. Everyday there are stories of marriages where the wife is being abused on a daily basis and treated like a slave and some of them refuse to speak up about this maltreatment.

Some end up on hospital beds with broken bones as a result from beatings by their husbands, some even have miscarriages and some end up dead, killed by their own husbands and by then it’s too late for anyone to do anything about it. A man should never hit a woman no matter the graveness of the offence, there are other ways to handle situations better; any man who hits a woman is relatively an animal.

Marriage is not a do or die affair, women should come to this realization soonest. The society we live in this days is the cause of why so many women are killed in their marriages by their husbands because the society frowns at divorce, so in essence a woman should endure in marriage and end up dead.?

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Here is a video of a man  and another person beating up his wife and like a thief caught in the market place with the presence of other family members just looking on allowing a man treat a woman like this, he even orders for it to be recorded.

We hope this video gets to the right people and this man gets to face the full force of the law that is if they have any implemented.

No matter what she did, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

Watch Video  Below and share your thoughts

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Some men are heartless tho

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